Electric FAQs

Below is a series of frequently asked questions about our electric services.

How do I contact Cumberland Municipal Utility?

You may reach the office between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM at 715-822-2595, in the event of an emergency after hours, you should call 715-822-8298.

Do I have to come to the Utility office to pay my bill?

No, but you may. The Utility Office is located at 1265 2nd Avenue and we are open M-F from 8 AM to 5 PM, we also provide a payment drop box for after hours payments. Payments may also be mailed to PO BOX 726, Cumberland, WI 54829. We also offer payments through PSN (Payment Service Network) with a link on our web page to arrange payments through them.

I paid my bill on the 1st (or between the 1st & 10th) – Why does my new bill say I have a late balance?

Any payments received in our office after the last day of the month up until the time the new bill is issued, will not appear on your statement as a payment – Because a payment made after the month end due date will not show up on your current bill as paid. You may call our office to find out what you owe.

My electric bill seems quite high – Is the reading correct?

Cumberland Utility staff makes every effort to provide accurate meter readings that are then used to calculate your electric billing. Contact our office, and we will check to make sure the reading was obtained correctly and that the meter is functioning properly. (A meter will slow down, stick and eventually stop recording kilowatt usage – It is very rare and uncommon for a meter to malfunction in any other manner).

Can I make arrangements to pay my delinquent bill?

Yes, however you must come in our office at 1265 2nd Avenue and negotiate a payment plan with our office staff. The staff will take into consideration what would be a “reasonable” plan for your account.

May I change the due date of my Utility bill?

No – we have one billing cycle, all bills are due by the last day of the month.

Is my meter read every month?

Yes – meters are read each month as close to the last day of the month as possible.

How do I connect service?

To connect service with us, you must stop at our office (1265 2nd Avenue) and complete a request for service application; you must have a picture ID as well as a current mailing address.

How do I disconnect service?

To terminate your service you may stop at the Utility Office (1265 2nd Avenue) or you may call us at 715-822-2595 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM. Please provide us with the date for disconnection and your new mailing address.

What should I do if I am going to dig, landscape, or put in a new driveway, etc.?

You should call Digger’s Hotline at 1-800-242-8511 at least 3 working days before you dig. We will then get a notice from Digger’s Hotline to come and locate your electric lines in your yard. Digger’s Hotline will also notify other utility companies to locate the gas, water, cable, and telephone. These utility companies will not mark private lines such as propane lines, etc.